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About For Life Realty

Your personal real estate consultant for life

ForLifeRealty is a local real estate company delivering superior quality, service and value to clients, investors and sellers. Combining the strengths of customer oriented service with local market expertise, we provide an integrated approach to a comprehensive array of real estate services. We combine our talents to serve this community's various types of properties.

In addition to our comprehensive real estate services, we continue to build our portfolio of successful sales. Broward Real Estate represents a unique combination of creativity, experience and financial strength to apply innovative, customized real estate services to make each property a special place with unique benefits for its customers, and investors. Let US help you Buy or Sell your home quickly, easily and hassle free!

Richard Aube - Your personal real estate consultant, for life

Richard AubeWith Over 19 years in the Real Estate Business, Rich has closed Hundreds of successful real estate transactions. He has many very satisfied customers and friends to prove it; hence the company's quote "Your Personal Realestate Consultant, FOR LIFE!" Rich & family moved from Long Island, NY to the Hollywood/Dania Beach area back in 1979. This makes him a ripe & motivated real estate agent that knows the area better than the back of his hand. Married, with 2 wonderful children, Rich keeps moving forward with his education and business to help better himself, family and agency, in a more prosperous career. Rich's education and designations are the following:

His experience and expertise in the real estate field will make your next sale a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Let him help you buy or sell your first, second or even third property.

You can reach him at 954.922.9411 or Fax: 954.924.9987 or E-mail: